Due to definite peculiarities of thyratron operation we take care of our customers and always consult on any topic related to switch application including trigger circuitry and also offer own-produced trigger units.

It is worth mentioning that successful application of TPI- and TDI-thyratrons is defined by use of appropriate trigger system. In order to obtain ultra-short pulses a specially designed thyratron trigger unit with double-pulse triggering capability is required.

ModelReservoir Voltage [V]Bias voltage [V]CP Auxiliary Discharge (DAD) Trigger Voltage [kV]Pulse Auxiliary Discharge (PAD) Peak Voltage [kV]Overall Dimensions [LxWxH, mm]ApplicationData Sheet

1. The units are designed for round-the-clock operation.
2. The dimensions specified are approximate and depend on your specific requirements.
3. Upon you special order thyratron trigger systems with parameters differing from the listed above are available.